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How it works

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Let me tell you about myself first. I am a 3rd generation tool & die maker. I used to build tools to make car parts for the automotive, medical, retail, housing, energy and computer industries.

I have used this knowledge to visit China in 2002-2003 to start sourcing a product for General Motors Corporation and Ford Motor company. This was a manufactured assembly that I engineered, manufactured and eventually sourced on the "ground floor" in China and sold to those companies. I have also produced many retail products including ones sold in major office stores like Staples, Office Depot. Lowes and Home Depot. 

Experience in China

Some of the items I have worked with ranged from machined products, clothing, plastic and metal assemblies, furniture, computer parts, and retail products. We have sourced a few thousand different products to hundreds of customers.
I have established solid connections within China in 2004 in which I lived in China for a full year. My travels extended from Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong to find factories.

Our Service

I provide a sourcing service to companies like yourself who has a product, idea, invention or an existing retail product being sold in the market today. This sourcing service provides a service that is like you being in China on the ground floor and finding the factory that has the manufacturing equipment, quality control, and pricing that suits your exact needs.

IMPORTANT NOTES: We are NOT the Chinese factory. As you may aleady know, ordering products from China is not like ordering a pizza from home. Lots of ground work needs to be done, with sometimes up to a week to get in and talk to factories. This can take several days. Our sourcing service comes with having 10 people on the ground floor working for you in several Chinese cities.

WHAT WE ARE: We are a great sourcing company with connections throughout China. We have great partners, references and customers ranging from Fortune 500 down to individuals with great inventions.

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Our Fee

How about having many Chinese manufacturing companies compete for your business? We offer the most up to date database of manufacturing companies capable of making your product.

$249.99 we will contact 3 qualified Chinese manufacturing companies. We will discuss many things from quality, delivery and most inexpensive ways to manufacture your product.

$379.99 we will contact 5 qualified Chinese factories


With this fee, we will begin the first steps of sourcing your product, including phone calls to China and to factories, blueprints emailed to several factories in our database that have the ability to manufacture your product. With this initial fee you will get results and be able to make a informed decision if it worth moving forward manufacturing your product. We are experts in Manufacturing, Chinese Business, and Importing We will be within 5% accuracy of what your product will cost shipped to your door in the country you are in.


Traveling to the Factory

If its worth moving forward we have a travel expense fee structure that ranges from $375.00-$450.00 depending on how far we must travel. This includes travel to the manufacturer in China and sitting down with the company to do business with them. These are daily rates. Typically in most cases the process will take a day to complete this part of the process.

By doing business with us it means you will eliminate us as the middle man, thus getting you the best possible price for your product. Typical savings are 50% off what prices you will get with middle men in China. They make their money up to 8%-15% of each order. Expect to pay more in some cases.

Your guarantee from us.

Follow these following steps and read the results below to know how this process will work.

  1. Send us the exact requirements of your product with all details outlining what you will need. This can include samples, blueprints, sketches and detailed specifications on your product. Leave no questions unanswered as we will use this information to visit the factories. Digital files can be sent to and physical products or samples can be sent to 1146 N. Central Street. #147 Glendale California. 91202.

  2. Once we get your product we will follow up with a phone discussion to see if your looking to come to China or want us to source your product at the factory.

  3. The initial service fee amount is a non-refundable fee to communicate with Chinese factories in your behalf, and to discuss with the factories pricing, quality, and time. The money will be used to travel and communicate exactly what you want to the factories.

  4. Typically a visit to the factory will take 10-15 business days. Shortly after this time you can expect some answers back as to pricing, quality of product, delivery times and if their are other questions please feel free to ask them.

  5. Sourcing products in China is a process that needs to be done on the "ground floor" within China. With this service you get the reassurance that someone is actually there without you having to spend $3000.00+ to get to China, find lodging and navigate a culture and city where you don't know the culture or language. Keep in mind traveling from city to city in search of factories is very demanding within China and requires knowledge of more than 1 Chinese language to be effective. Each member of my team speaks 3-4 languages on average including Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Fuzhou dialects. This is why we have been successful in sourcing for our clients.

  6. The next step is sending your product, product blueprints, samples, and all details outlining exactly what you need to source your product.

  7. Do NOT send your product until we have talked on the phone at least 1 time and have discussed your requirements. USA phone number (1 330-319-4500)

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